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Acumulatori baterii reincarcabile AAA 1,6v 1150mWh Ni-Zn

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Cea mai noua tehnologie bazata pe nichel zinc, net superioara fata de NiMH (nichel magneziu) sau NICd (nichel cadmiu).
Cel mai nou acumulator de voltaj inalt pe baza de nichel zinc.

Asigura un voltaj inalt de 1,6v fata de ceilalti acumulatori de pana acum ce aveau doar 1,2v.

Combining the advantages of alkaline batteries, NiMH batteries and NiCd batteries, the new nickel zinc (NiZn) electrochemical system has a high cell voltage of 1.6V, rechargeability, high drain current and environment-friendliness. The manufacturer possesses five patents for core technologies, and employs cutting-edge separator technology from Freudenberg & Vilene (German-Japanese joint venture). The manufacturer has been certified to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Main features:
Nominal cell voltage: 1.6V
Rechargeable for at least 1000 cycles
High drain current: 1150mA
Contains no toxic materials such as cadmium and mercury, compliant with UL, CE, RoHS and REACH

Voltage: 1,6v
Capacity: 1150mAh)
Size: Standard AAA
Weight: 11g
Package: Four batteries in original, sealed blister card

Digital cameras, photo flash, electronic toys and other high-power devices.

These NiZn batteries can be charged only by a specified charger.
The batteries are charged less than 30% of full power before leaving factory .

Manufacturer: BetterPower Battery Co., Ltd (Shenzhen, China), certified to ISO 14001, ISO 9001

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